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Took a lot of bartering to get my hands on this puppy. We can't ask them to risk their lives simply forthe throne.

Gerald, nu pune mâna pe ea.

Prince Frederick was keen to nab you before someone else did. And miss your opportunity of getting your hands on the'47?

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The prince has lied to us all to gain Scotland under false pretenses. Finally, he solved that with his money. WikiMatrix A făcut asta pentru a pune mâna pe acea listă de planete.

This was all so that he could get his hands on that list of planets. Do you know of another way to get Jumong? Waleran is using you and your burned down church to get the earldom for himself. They've learned to come down to swamp level at the right time to snuffle a delicacy.

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Yeah, well it's not a very smart way durerea articulară rătăcește get a manager. To lay hands on the apir of them. Most likely to get their hands on the cash.

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Your husband used his influence to put a hold on our casino. I wanted to use him to get to the big gangs.

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He's willing to make a few corpses just to get his hands on that box. Swapping this statue with a fake is the only way that he could get to whatever is inside the statue. There's nothing stopping you from going out there and getting the technology.

Then came the big task of getting my hand down to her breast. Copy Report an error Vreau să obții cât mai multe oale și tigăi pe care le poți pune mâna pe ele I want you to get as many pots and pans as you can lay your hands on

Then he places his hands on his chin, like you. This is our chance for the key to the executive washroom. Lansky organized crime's ancient hope of getting casino gamb ing It took you five seconds to lay your hands on me.

There are people who would kill without a qualm to get their hands on her work, her research.

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